Juba Star Soccer Club

The Purpose of the Juba Star Soccer club is to operate exclusively for recreational and educational purposes without bias regarding race, color, sexual preference, ethnicity or socio-economic status. Juba Star empowers and enhances the lives of the players by promoting social and emotional self-reliance in youth and facilitates training to ensure the development of various life skills. Juba Star Soccer team is proud to offer a soccer program to youth and adults, ages 17 and older - promoting competitive, recreational, developmental and social needs. The traditional goals of our soccer program include but are not limited to providing a structured, challenging learning environment where the development of citizenship, friendship, teamwork, lifetime mental and physical fitness habits provide outlets for youth soccer players.

Juba Star soccer Club’s “Commitment to Excellence” is to establish a multicultural atmosphere where family values, sportsmanship, fair play, honesty, integrity and loyalty are the foundation. Creating an environment where players are developed to their fullest potential and have the best chance of self-actualizing as citizens.

Juba Star provides professional leadership, high quality coaching and instruction with emphasis on life skill fundamentals, strategy, clean living, good health and having fun.

Juba Star Soccer Club is very proud to announce the addition of professional technical coach Mr. Odyssues Manzi, who works with the team tirelessly. He holds a D License at the State Level from the United States Soccer Federation and brings over 40 years of experience as a player and coach. Odysseus is a practicing social worker that supports the multi-cultural goals of Juba Star and player development. With an emphasis on attacking play and possession, he emphasizes developing the strengths of each player towards a common team spirit.




Mr. Somo Mohamed is currently the head Coach for the team. The SBCAVT’s Board of Directors appointed him to this position because of his expertise in management and tactical and strategic skills. He was a former player of Juba Star, and has worked his way up through the ranks, first as a Juba Star Assistant, and ultimately as Head Coach. Mr. Somo has recently recruited new players, which has helped him to build and maintain a sports program that is consistent with the goals of the SBCAVT, and of the team as a whole. He is also extremely dedicated, leading his team with an incredible amount of hard work and determination.

Abdulkadir Ali (Daadow) is the head coach for the Juba Star women's soccer team.






Team Managers have an extremely important role - to ensure the successful management of the team and the welfare of the athletes in their care. Regardless of the team you are managing, the responsibilities and duties are similar. It takes strong interpersonal, organizational and oral communication skills and the ability to effectively liaise with athletes, coaches and administrators to manage, as well as the knowledge of selection procedures, rules and regulations of the sport.

The Somali Bantu Community Association of Vermont, Inc is very proud to announce Noor Ibrahim as the new Juba Star Soccer Club manager. Noor is responsible for the administration and management of the team and welfare of all team members at training and competition.

Ms. Zainab Hassan is the Sports Committee  Chairwoman.


Registration is open. If you would like to join Juba Star please leave a message at our office: (802)658-2683


Somo Mohamed - Head Coach at (802)658-2683 (c) 802-503-3627

Noor Ibrahim - Team Director at (802)658-2683 (c) 615-473-7845

Odyssues Manzi, MSW - Technical & Tactical Coach 802-598-3309

Zainab Hassan - Sport Community Chair woman



News and eventss

  • Juba Star Soccer Club serves about 100 adult, adolescent, and youth players in the Burlington area. The men’s team started as a club in 2008 playing other Somali Bantu teams in New York and New England. During the summer of 2012, the Juba Star men’s club had its first season in the Vermont Amateur Soccer League (VASL) and finished 7 wins, and two losses making it to the semi-finals. Juba Star is proud to organize the first women’s and under 13 youth teams for the indoor this winter and the summer of 2012-13 and will continue. As part of our mission, Juba Star also stresses and creates strategics to prevent tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse among youth by stressing the health risks and lifestyles such addictions results in and reduce obesity, bodily, metal, and general health risks that affect youth and children in society.
  • Juba Star will rent the indoor soccer filed from University of Vermont this winter starting December 2014 to April 2015. All the players and those who are interested in joining us, are welcome.



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