Juba Star Soccer Club

The Purpose of the Juba Star Soccer club is to operate exclusively for recreational and educational purposes without bias regarding race, color, sexual preference, ethnicity or socio-economic status. Juba Star empowers and enhances the lives of the players by promoting social and emotional self-reliance in youth and facilitates training to ensure the development of various life skills. Juba Star Soccer team is proud to offer a soccer program to youth and adults, ages 17 and older - promoting competitive, recreational, developmental and social needs. The traditional goals of our soccer program include but are not limited to providing a structured, challenging learning environment where the development of citizenship, friendship, teamwork, lifetime mental and physical fitness habits provide outlets for youth soccer players.

Juba Star soccer Club’s “Commitment to Excellence” is to establish a multicultural atmosphere where family values, sportsmanship, fair play, honesty, integrity and loyalty are the foundation. Creating an environment where players are developed to their fullest potential and have the best chance of self-actualizing as citizens.

Juba Star provides professional leadership, high quality coaching and instruction with emphasis on life skill fundamentals, strategy, clean living, good health and having fun.


We thank Coach Lewis  and Manager Omar Abdirahim for all of the sacrifices they have made for the team. It amazed us how they have handled working and coaching at the same time. There was no way it could have been easy, but they always knew how to take care of everything and never seemed stressed out. They taught our players how to be a leader, how to be organized, and to be on time. Not only did these lessons helped them in the season, but have effected thleir life. Above all Lewis and Omar won 2017 Summer Vermont Amateur Soccer league trophy unbeaten. That is something we are very proud of today and forever.


Juba Star Soccer team were lucky to have Mr. Odyssues Manzi, as their head coach. Odysseus served as Juba Star Tacticl coach before becoming the head coach. Hi hard work and dedication have inspired our players and Juba Star. We thank him for pushing our players to their limits and beyond. He has inspired our players to become not just a better athletes, but a better persons as well.  during time with us, Mr Odysseus focused on the emphasizes of developing the strengths of each player towards a common team spirit. He gave up his time with his familiy on weekend so the team could practice, play games or travel out of state games. You have always seen not what Juba Star is, but the team could become. You have instilled a part of your heart in ours. As we travel on to our next level (D1) Juba Star will always have warm memories of our times together.



Juba Star Soccer Club will always have fond memories of the times we spent together, working toward our great victories. Coach Somo gave Juba Star players the encouragement they needed to believe in themselves, and the discipline that resulted in victory time after time. We are so glad you took the time from your busy life to coach Juba Star. Thank you for being a role model for our players. Not only during the season, but everyday.  Somo won couple trophies and he will always be a winner in our book.  We are very thankful that we still have a close relationship and that we can still come to you when we need help or guidance.


Abdulkadir Ali (Daadow) is the head coach for the Juba Star women's soccer team.







We appreciate Manager Noor Ibrahim for his hardwork and dedication to Juba Star during his time as a player and then the team Manager. Noor made very big good impact on the players and the team. Manager Noor pushed our players to be the best players they could be. He did not only wants our players to succeed on the field, but in life as well.  Noor took all the different pieces (and personalities) and built Juba Star into a working team. Thanks for all the hours you spent building up our players strengths and minimizing our weakness. Noor won couple trophies and he will always be a winner in our book.


Ms. Zainab Hassan is the Sports Committee  Chairwoman.


Registration is open. If you would like to join Juba Star please leave a message at our office: (802)658-2683


Ali Abdi - Acting Head Coach at (802)658-2683 (c) 802-503-3627

Mohamed Kassim - Team assistant Coach at (802) 658-2683 (c) (802) 343-2352

Zainab Hassan - Sport Community Chair woman




News and eventss

  • Juba Star Soccer Club serves about 100 adult, adolescent, and youth players in the Burlington area. The men’s team started as a club in 2008 playing other Somali Bantu teams in New York and New England. Juba Star won VASL trophy unbeaten in 2017. It is now the defending champion.
  • Juba Star will play Vermont Armature Soccer League D1.
  • Juba StarJuba Star is proud to organize the first women’s and under 13 youth teams for the indoor this winter and the summer of 2012-13 and will continue. As part of our mission, Juba Star also stresses and creates strategics to prevent tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse among youth by stressing the health risks and lifestyles such addictions results in and reduce obesity, bodily, metal, and general health risks that affect youth and children in society.
  • Juba Star finished its Winter Indoor Soccer on April 14th 2018. Juba Star was playing in Shelburne Vermont. House.
  • Juba Star is open to all. Your welcome.